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Steel pour in the Foundry Lab of McNutt Hall with the Jacklings camp. Sam O’Keefe/Missouri S&T

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Next PSMRC Meeting

Our Next PSMRC Industry Review Meeting will be held in Rolla, MO at the Comfort Inn Conference Center on Wednesday November 20, 2024.  The IAB Board Meeting will be held on the morning of Thursday November 21, 2024 at the same location.

Comfort Inn  Rolla, MO

PSMRC at AISTech 2024

Mansfield Tour at AISTech 2024

AIST AIME Hunt -Kelley Award

PSMRC Spring Meeting Dinner 2024

Missouri S&T student awarded national metalcasting scholarship


PSMRC Fall Meeting 2023

Participants in our August 17, 2022 PSMRC Brainstorming Meeting at US Steel Training Center

Participants at our Combined Live + Virtual Meeting on December 1st, 2021.

Participants at our Combined Live + Virtual Meeting on April 28th, 2021

Greetings and welcome to the Members’ site for the Kent D. Peaslee Steel Manufacturing Research Center (PSMRC).  

Project List

Current Projects

  • Refractory Wear Mechanisms
  • Heat Treatment Optimization
  • Continuous Casting Mold Simulator & Flux Characterization
  • Bainite Evolution and Control Hot Rolling
  • Clean Steel, Inclusion Engineering & Ca Treatment
  • Scale Formation and Scale Removal
  • Castability of Medium Carbon Boron Titanium Steels
  • EM Coaxial and Optical Fiber Distributed Temperature & Strain Measurement

Past Projects

  • Mold Flux Reaction Suppression
  • High Temperature Optical Fiber Sensing
  • Peritectic Behavior Measurement and Prediction
  • Porosity Centerline Segregation & Ductility
  • Interactions with Glazed Refractories & Tundish Lining
  • Hot Working Process Optimization
  • Ti-Nb-V Microalloy Precipitation, Hot Ductility and Microstructure
  • Non-Metallic Inclusion Engineering in Steels
  • Effect of Microstructural Features on Steel Machinability
  • Next Generation Slag Line Refractory Development
  • Nozzle Clogging and Bias Flow in Continuous Casting
  • Ladle/Refractory Interactions in ULC/IF Steel
  • Mold Flux Morphology and Stability in Continuous Casting
  • Grain Refinement During Solidification of Austenitic Steels
  • Hot Working Modeling & Simulation of Rounds, Slabs & Beams
  • 3rd Generation Advanced High Strength Steel Development

Member Companies

New Patent Issued

Additional Information

If you are a PSMRC member and would like to gain access to the website please contact Denise Eddings at .   To access member only areas of this website, click on the “MEMBER LOGIN link near the top of this page and enter your username and password.  

If you are not a member, but would like to learn more about the PSMRC, please contact:

Dr. Ronald J. OMalley
Iverson Chair Professor & Director PSMRC
Materials Science & Engineering
Missouri University of Science & Technology
Office: 573 341-7683

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